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This is a fantastic oversize Skull mug, made from poly resin with a stainless steel insert for easy cleaning. The detail in the design is amazing. This mug is over sized for you coffee lovers, it holds 16oz. of liquid. The mug stands 4 1/4″ tall, The skull mug is done as a highly detailed skull design. The handle is made to resemble bones. You will easily be able to know what mug is yours and it will clearly stand out and draw attention. The Skull mug would make a fantastic gift to anyone who loves skulls or wants a unique gift.

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Weight 2.25 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 8 in


  1. Scott (verified owner)

    This mug is great! The sculpt work on the resin skull is nicely detailed. The handle is just wide enough to fit all four of my fingers in with a good amount of space between them and the mug. My only nitpick is that the handle feels a little thin but I think that may be an illusion due to the weight of the mug itself. This Skull Mug has a good heft to it and feels very sturdy. Even with all the sculpt work on it, I don’t feel like anything will chip off if I set the mug down too hard. The inside of the mug is nice and large holding just under 2 cups of liquid. I’ve only used cold drinks with the mug so far but the metal insert makes it feel as if it stays colder longer.

  2. Liz (verified owner)

    I definitely give this awesome mug a 5 stars rating, why?! Because is amazing, I can’t say is beautiful but I can say is beautifully made. The details of the mug are on point from the actual mug to the handle of it. The cup is made out of resin and it has a stainless steel insert and it’s perfect to keep the coffee hot. I got it for my husband and he was so happy when I gave it to him. This is such a cool mug, creepy in a way but that is what it makes it unique and awesome.

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