Pacific “Dragon Eye” goblet with stainless steel insert


Pacific “Dragon Eye” Goblet with a stainless steel bowl will hold approx. 6oz. of your favorite beverage. The goblet is made from cold cast resin and is hand painted.

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Behold the stunning Pacific “Dragon Eye” goblet, enhanced by a sleek stainless steel insert. This goblet goes beyond ordinary capturing elegance and enchantment. Crafted with cold cast resin, it is truly a masterpiece.
The “Dragon Eye” goblet showcases a captivating design featuring a magnificent dragon eye  symbolizing strength and prosperity. Its beautiful details, along with the use of premium materials, create an incredible goblet. Additionally, the stainless steel insert not only adds a contemporary touch but also ensures durability and practicality.

Whether it’s for special occasions or to add a striking element to your home decor, this goblet leaves a lasting impression with every sip. Be it your favorite wine, a sophisticated liquor, or even a refreshing fruit-infused water, the “Dragon Eye” goblet guarantees an great drinking experience.
Indulge yourself or surprise a loved one with this unique goblet that combines beauty and functionality. Elevate your dining experience with the Pacific “Dragon Eye” goblet and make every moment truly extraordinary.

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Weight 2.1 lbs
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