Anne Stokes “MIDNIGHT MESSENGER” canvas print 13830


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Anne – Stokes is a highly acclaimed fantasy artist. These canvas prints bring the great artwork to everyone. Measuring  7.5″ X 0.5″ X 9.8″. This highly detailed canvas art features  The print is attached to a frame and includes hanging hardware. This painting depicts a beautiful princess dressed in white making her way through a forest at night as snow falls gently all around her. The moon through the clouds ahead of her illuminates her path, sending light cascading down to shine upon her platinum hair.  She  clutches a lantern in her gloved hand, perhaps as a signal to her lover. Her pets, two fantastic snowy owls, have accompanied her, but she has just sent one of them away with a message clutched tightly in its talons.  This print makes a great decorative piece or a fantastic and unique gift.

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Dimensions 11 × 9 × 1 in


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