Alchemy of England “Tipple Moon” Stemless Wine Glass


“Tipple Moon” Stemless Wine Glass by Alchemy of England! Crafted with skill, enjoy your favorite wines with a ghostly creation. Shop now! These black stemless wine glasses will be a big hit.

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“Tipple Moon” Stemless Wine Glass by Alchemy of England is a enchanting piece of work. Embrace a touch of mystical elegance as you indulge in your favorite vintage with this bewitching creation.
Crafted with utmost skill and attention to detail, this stemless wine glass is a true testament to Alchemy of England’s renowned craftsmanship. Delicate moon and star motifs adorn the glass, casting a spellbinding ambiance that resonates with the otherworldly.
The stemless design offers a modern and versatile twist, providing a comfortable grip and ideal balance for wine enthusiasts. Made from high-quality glass, each sip is a magical experience as the flavors dance upon your palate.
Perfect for your personal collection or as a gift for that special someone, the Alchemy of England “Tipple Moon” is a transcendental piece that effortlessly combines artistry and functionality. Illuminate your evenings and indulge in the ethereal allure of this exquisite wine glass.

These glasses come in the Alchemy box and will go fast.


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